Friday, September 4, 2009

To Momma...

Of the strongest memories I have with me, dear mama, is one of you putting on lipstick before going to work every morning. How you loved to wear your favorite shade everyday, picking it out of all the rest. Delicately applying it over the upper lip, with me eyes all wide open, taking in every detail of how smoothly you did. Grace and beauty was and still comes so naturally to you. At times, I used to ask so many questions, momma, why don't you do the lower one before the first one? Why do you wear it every day? Can I wear it like you? When will I grow up and do the same? Will you also let me wear your high heels? Will I look as pretty as you do? She managed to give quick replies and eventually had to tell me to wait since my questions never ended. She applied the lipstick on her lower lip, faster than the first and moments later she was picture perfect. So many memories still etched in my heart momma. It's where you live; in my roots. In everything.


  1. Right everything...


  2. so sweet and touching :)

  3. Mehreen,

    Nice recollection of your childhood and love for mother.

    Take care

  4. So sweet.Lovely post..reminded me of ma childhood..:)