Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That Certain Something

We all are looking for that certain something. We know that it's some where close by and just when your mind is about to identify it, it seems to disappear. It's that something that keeps you going. A motive of some kind, a passion may be, or may be just a goal. Whatever it is, we are all running after it. Unless we are listening closely to our soul, we will always be looking for it in worldly gains. Someone heartbroken may say he lost his meaning of life; well, he's talking about his 'certain something'.

Close your eyes...
feel it sneak up on you... you suddenly feel a sense of happiness run through you...
And just when you want to own it, just when you wish to take in every detail, it vanishes.

I guess, most of our 'certain somethings' paint a picture of a life we consider perfect. It vanishes; if it didn't, what would we be running after? What would happen to that motive to achieve better and better until, ultimately, that perfect world for us?


  1. Writing down thoughts comes very easily to you isnt it?

    SUperb writing and very sweet in fact.

    yes you are right-we all yearn for certain something and even if we get it , we dont recognize it. Thats the magic of certain something ;)

    Suprb writing. Keep writing.

  2. Is it like a mirage???

    To me, it is not about making life seem perfect, it's more about making life worthwhile.

    Gooooood one, Em.


  3. Thats a very nice way of putting it..
    However it gets us depressed and angry too..
    But what is life without both sides to it?

  4. Mehreen,

    Read 2 posts now. Good that you consider your Rebirth now. Get on with your life and bury the bad memories of past. No use holding on to them as it will not make any change. Yes, we all do look for something. Mostly we may be able to identify it but at times it is just a dream.

    Take care

    PS : No visit?

  5. There is no such a thing as a perfect world. Yet, we all seem to believe of its possibilities. We keep running after certain somethings and once we gain one, we jump trying to grab another. Life is all about trying, don't you think?

    Nicely written ;D

  6. I love your ability to write!
    You're so good at it.