Wednesday, September 30, 2009

His Baby Eyes

He had the most adorable baby eyes I had ever seen. Well, may be I had seen a familiar pair before, but not among the people so close by.

"Are you listening to me?" I called him for the third time now. He was playing with his phone, as always.

"Yeaaa... what is it?" He posed an annoyed look that instantly changed into a familiar smile that had gave me a strange sense of belonging.

"You know you have baby eyes", I smiled.

"Ahan", he flashed me a radiant smile. I looked away, smiling, thinking, wondering.

He lives far off now. He still has those baby eyes. And they still make me smile. ^_^


  1. kinna innocent love hai...wish i was loved like adorably!!

  2. baby eyes?? ah m hearing that phrase for the first time. I got it wht u mean.. I have been baby hands :D.. his baby hands reminds me of some1 :D
    gt u from Menon's blog,
    nice blog. I loved the title of this post

  3. @ sweet addiction

    he has baby eyes and i have baby hands :P
    thanks for reading!