Friday, August 28, 2009

And We Danced

My eyes lit up as he swayed me to the music. In a split second, I discovered the fire in me, lighting up my very existence, with dreams, new possibilites, a new flair... He held my hand softly, and I felt like a painter's masterpiece. It was how I knew arts; art always came from a place within you that was the purest. And it came to you as a gift, something that you not define, but only express, in various forms. He made me feel like a piece of art. I felt like a thousand colors, all bright and beautiful, captivating, mesmerizing, enchanting. The colors that spoke to me each day, I was one of them now; a dazzling red one moment, a soothing blue the other, gentle as white, a sophisticated pink the other, yellow with a tinge of orange like the bright sun, a seductive black, a peaceful green the other... I laughed, and the sound of my laughter broke into a thousand little pieces that he said were like music to his ears, dancing around us, making the rhythms stronger, the air more dreamy. I suddenly knew passion with innocence, the distance that came with being close, knowing yourself completely for a moment, losing yourself to someone the other.


  1. Hi Mehro,
    Fantastic ;) amazing post after a long time a read a full post of urs and found it interesting, may be its because u write in a way that i understand easily :P u knw i lov art :)

  2. GIRL!!! This is HOT! Your play on words make this all the better.. You could actually close your eyes and see this.

    The painting you made was so vivid!
    You can write so well


  3. beautiful :)

    I am soo in love with this :)


  4. Mehreen,

    What a way to express your feeling when you are with someone you like to be with.

    Take care

  5. @ adeel

    thanks :) yes i know you have a passion for arts
    thanks for reading!

  6. Ne it's so nice to see you here :)
    Loved the comment... thanks for the appreciation :)


  7. Hey... thanks for reading Richa :)

  8. i love and hate you for these words :)

    but all in a good way!

    I wanna run into his arms and stay there!

  9. Goodness, this was beautiful.
    I thought I was somewhere else for a second,
    kinda dissapointed me when the words ended, placing me back infront of this screen.

    -hailey xoxo