Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All In a Day's Work

Okay so, let me tell you this: pretending to work hard is a hard work in itself. Every now and then, I'm put to test to see how still I can sit and for how long I can stare at the computer screen. The problem comes when my boss sees me trying to take a sneak peek at Facebook. No I'm not addicted to Facebook. I just need to check it every now and then.

Freshers are silly. They act smart. The worst is when they try hitting on a cute girl like me ahem! You're a senior? No way! Yea yea, I get it. They act smart. I play along till they get a lesson to behave with a senior. They don't call me Drama Queen for nothing. And since desperate times call for desperate measures, I always carry doses of chocolates with me. Chocolates can do wonders. Try it when you're feeling low. You'll be beaming in no time.

Chatting with a friend, I came across my 'thought of the day'. Drama queens are dangerous. They can be so troublesome. But they are girly too, 'Queens' duh, hehe! I know what you're thinking. Well, aren't they??

Sit down and think about your life without blogs or Facebook or Twitter or the Web for that matter. Throw the cell phone out too. There's a rush of information that you can do without. What's with all the constant yapping we do, and not to mention the current fever in Facebook: the 'Farm Ville' application. Yesterday I was notified some friend took all the pain in hoarding off stray sheeps from my farm. My farm? Sheeps? It's kinda scary you know. Okay coming back to throwning stuff out the window, wouldn't that be peaceful for some time? I, for one, can't remain content unless I have had some private time to myself. I have demon problems in my brain lately.

Oh, and yes, yesterday a fresher was found sleeping in his chair with his mouth open. Some seniors made a video and uploaded it on YouTube. Poor guy.

The chocolate saved the day.


  1. oh mommy look there is snowfall on this blog...

    me wants a snow-woman!!! mehr can ya shed ur warmsunshine thingy for a few??

    ps: i didnt kno wat to comment in response to d post

  2. Mehreen,

    Yes, we all need some private time now and then. Poor fresher. Evading Boss is tricky, isn't it?

    Take care

  3. hey mayz... :)
    warm sunshine thingy coming up soon! :)

  4. Jack, evading boss is tricky indeed :D

    thanks for dropping by :)

  5. Cute blog and very interesting stuff here..:)

  6. hehe poor fresher :P.

    Seriously cute blog. Simple words with humurous touch and a girl's cuteness.