Thursday, February 17, 2011



  1. This is so beautiful and true. My niece is a very special young woman. She is 18 now and I have watched her mother, my sister raise the most wonderful daughter, full of love. Blessings to you and all parents and children who truly understand that the most important thing of all in this world is love.

  2. i so agree with this. while am not a mother of special needs (or a mother at all) i have worked with children with special needs and they have such am amazing spirit and really help you, like this, enjoy the simple things of life, and honestly see the joy in each day.

  3. I work with special kids in a school, and made so many friends with them. You know, they just express themselves as free and as pure as it can get, I have seen a flurry of hugs and I have seen them getting angry on me. I have seen hearts open out in front of me.
    It's always a pleasure to associate oneself with them, to learn about self if not others.
    I am following you with a hope to read more of you often.. :)