Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm tired and exhausted. I need plenty of sleep to wash all of this away. When do I get to go Home again?


  1. Very soon. Take loads of rest and sleep well and come back with your awesome posts once again.

    I still remember that post you wrote on Ramzan about that lil kid! Brilliant one. Do take care :)

  2. hi, i read ur blog often i like it. i hope u feel good soon

  3. Mehreen,

    Caught up with pending posts but feel surprised that you are showing tinge of sadness. Why so? Your post of Feb 23 speaks volumes without saying much. Life is full of struggles and one needs to get on with it in positive attitude. If one is sincere and means no harm to anyone then all will be well in the end. However one also needs to be wary of selfish people.

    Looking for your visit and contact too, if you wish to.

    Take care

  4. take rest dear and b back soon!!

  5. Hey Mehreen, cam here thru Nikhils blog. Like the look of this place... but why so sad? Life is rough sometimes deary... But you know everything is all right in the end.. If its not, then it isnt the end yet :)

    Take care and keep smiling :)


  6. awww where are u rit now?? :P

  7. hope its soon...:)

    take care and keep writing.............

  8. i hope you feel better now!

  9. Sometimes just writing out what's in your mind that's bothering you helps... at least it helps me.


  10. I know this feeling....

    You'll be fine real soon <3

    My prayers are with you ! :) Always.

  11. sleep and don't think too much.
    A cold shower would make you feel a lot better.

    take care

  12. Yo head is yo home... take care... rest with happy memories and serene thoughts.... I am sure yo will be fine take care... btw... nice blog...