Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why the Misery

Why is there misery and poverty in this world?

If it's to keep us thankful for the things we do have in life, why do those unfortunate people have to be the unfortunate ones? What do they have to bear the brunt for?

Anybody has an answer?


  1. well u might not know but for some richer fella u might be what these people are 2

  2. I don't.
    But I'm a believer of Karma. However I don't believe it answers the question.

  3. Who are you asking these questions to? God? Dont ask. Find your answers...


  4. Mehreen,

    There are two ways to look at this situation. First is that we pay for all our misdeeds or reap the fruit of our good deeds in our next birth. This is what is Hell or Heaven. Second is that greed of few deprives so many of necessities. Now it depends which one would someone believe in.

    Take care

  5. @ harini
    there's so much we can't answer... and that's sad :(

  6. @ pinkz.. yes... thanks for dropping by

  7. I think they are like the birds of the sky, may be they are not miserable after all, who isn't miserable anyway?
    Maybe there is someone who is more miserable than the miserable...
    nice post!